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Plant Growth Promotor

Soorma (Bio Stimulant)

Soorma is a biologically derived product that provides nutrients to plants. Soorma has been manufactured by incorporating multiple metabolism, properties of sea moss, hydrolyzed proteins and chelated micro nutrients in multiple stages. Soorma stimulates plant metabolism by optimizing the genetic capacity of plants. Consequently, the effect of stress on plants helps in getting more crop of best quality by working. The substance found in Soorma is organic and natural. Therefore, this product does not leave any harmful effects on the soil and Environment when used in the recommended quantity.



Soorma is used for various crops, various stages of vegetables such as Germination, Bud bloom. Etc


Powder : 100 to 150 gm per Acre.


0.5 to 1ml per ltr of water


All Crops and Vegetables.

Oshzyme (Bio Fertilizer)

Oshzyme is prepared by high quality technology from special type of bacteria and special type of seaweed. Oshzyme is an ideal organic production, using which increases the yield and quality of crops by a large amount. In addition to this, increasing the moisture of the plants to absorb more and more grains from the soil increases the strength of germination and erosion due to the use in the process of planting.



Oshzyme increases the flowers and prevents from fall. Help in producing fruit. It helps in proper growth of roots, which leads to good growth of plants. It increases the disease resistance power. And give power to face unfavorable weather. Its use does not have any bad effects on the environment.


  • Granual : 55-10 kg per Acre


3 to 4 ml per Ltr Water


Sugarcane, Banana, Cotton, Paddy, Soybean, Wheat, Pulses, Oilseeds, and all types of fruits and vegetables.


SChemical Composition of Gibberellic acid a.i.(Based on Purity 100% w/w) – 0.001% w/w, Protein (Hydrolised) – 2.5% w/w, Yeast extract Seaweeds (Marina Brown Algae Extract) 3.0% w/w, Feso4 7H2O (Min 95%) 2.3% w/w, MnSo4 3H2O (Min 90%) 1.4%w/w, ZnSo4 7H2O (Min 95%) 3.9% w/w, MgSO4 7H2O (Min 90%) 4.3% w/w, EMULSIFIER Tween 80 (Sorbital mono Oleate) 1.0 %w/w, Solvent (Water) Q.S.% w/w, Total 100% w/w



No Specific Antidote is known. Treat symptomatically.

Jantar is a highly effective plant growth regulator containing Gibberellic acid 0.001% as active ingredient. It improves the physiological efficiency of the crop by stimulating the hormonal and enzymatic activity and increase the yield and quality of the product.


It is recommended for use in Paddy, Cotton, Sugarcane, Groundnut, Brinjal, Okra, Grapes etc.


It is recommended for use in Paddy, Cotton, Sugarcane, Groundnut, Brinjal, Okra, Grapes etc.

  • Jantar Must be applied on foliar spray at the rate of 1 ml Jantar in 1 liter of water. volume of spray will depend upon the type of spray and stage of crop.
  • To obtain maximum efficiency of the product, spraying may be taken up in the cool hours of the morning/evening. In case of rainfall within 6 hours of application, repeat spraying.
  • Jantar is compatible with all pesticides except bordeaux mixture.

Organ (Organic Bio Fertilizer)

Organ is Nano Technology Based an external silicon supplement to regular fertilizer programme. Organ increases N, P, Ca, Mg and Silicon uptake of plant.



Mix the said quantity well with sufficient amount of water and spray on both side of the leaves on the area affected by the disease.


Use 2 ml per lit of water with 0.5 ml Bond spreader


All Types Of Crops, Mainly Fruit Crops, Flowers, Vegetables, Paddy, Wheat, Tea, Coffee, Sugarcane. Oil Seed, Pulses.


Mixture of Humic Acids, Fulvic Acids & Potash in natural available form
It improves soil condition and increase availability of nutrients in soil. Increase soil aeration & water holding capacity. Retains water soluble inorganic fertilizers in root zones & release them to plants when needed. Promotes the conversion of elements into available form to plants. Stimulates root growth & proliferation of desirable soil micro organisms.
Stimulates plant growth by accelerating cell division, Increase translocation of nutrients in plant body. Improves nutrients uptake by root system. Increase yield & Improves quality of fruits.


Dosage & Application

  • Foliar Application : 7 gm per 15 liter of water in any crop. In combination with every foliar fertilizers or pesticide Application.
  • Drip Irrigation : 250 gm - 400 gm per acre for Banana, Sugarcane, Papaya & other Fruit trees. 150 gm -250 gm per acre of Vegetables, Flowers, Cottons, Potatoes etc.
  • Drenching : 250 gm per 200 liter. of water for fruit & other crop.
  • Root Dipping :20 gm per 20 liter water for root dipping solution.