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PH Balancer

Balosh (PH Balancer)

Effect of PH on Stability of Pesticide

Insecticides are highly sensitive to sprayed hydrolysis of the solution to be sprayed. If the solution to be sprayed is alkaline, the insecticide is decomposed into an inactive form. The water supply in most areas is between pH value of 7.5 to 4.0. This sterility is displayed as poor pest control. Such decomposition of pesticides provides a controlled or effective pest management of pesticides for a long time by spraying the pH value of the solution to 7.0 or working.

Effect of Ph on the Solubility of Product

Any products, whose PH is Neutral and whose water solubility is less, contains It contains a very limited amount of nutrients for immediate absorption by plants. Nutrients must be present in water soluble form for sustainable and overall growth of the plant. We need to buffer the spray solution / solution to a safe level to make the nutrients more soluble in the spray solution and to make the plants available easily and quickly.



Balosh is a highly effective product for use with pesticides and plant growth promoting products in places with alkaline and heavy water. Aids in the creation of water, suitable for spray solution. It reduces the salt content present in the hard water and makes the water sprayable by decreasing the pH value of the water. After mixing Balosh in spray water, the water changes from deep red color to deep blue color of water. In this way, there is no need to test the water every time with a pH meter or pH paper. Balosh Fix the pH of this spray solution stabilizes from 5 to 5.5.


For Normal PH (7to 8 ) – 0.4 to 0.7 ml Balosh per ltr water, PH Value 8 or more – 0.7 to 1ml Balosh per Ltr Water.